My name is Heather and I am a recovering alcoholic. I am not a Doctor, a Licensed Therapist, LSW, or Licensed Counselor. I am however, a Survivor! I have obtained over 150,000+ hours of sobriety and it is not easy. That is not a typo. Although I don't hold a Masters, I have worked as a Forensic Counselor within a jail as well as the Drug and Alcohol Specialist within another organization. I am also singer/songwriter now for over 30 years.

I don't claim to hold the golden ticket on recovery but I do know that A whole lot of bud, never made me wiser but life certainly, has. There is no better teacher than experience.

I wrote my biography for the Average Joe's and Jane's of the world who do matter. You matter to me. Alcohol is life or death to me, us and my sole purpose of my book and message is to create awareness and pay it forward.

I am here for anyone who needs an ear and I will get back to all of you. I can guide you to services and try and extend an olive branch, but I am not a medical professional to offer any medical advice. I am just the Average woman who learned how to fight for my sobriety at all costs and want you to as well.

There isn't one person who doesn't know of an alcoholic or addict in this entire world. It is in our families, work and social environment, friends, neighbors, everywhere. I am living proof that people can change and remain sober, one breath, one day at a time.

Please feel free to contact me. Please carry the message by reading my book, wearing merchandise to spread that message to continue to pass it on. If just one person is saved or doesn't drive drunk from my story, than it was all worth it! There is nothing more important to me and that is why I am here.

With love,